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Unger Ninja Ergotec Squeegee Complete

Unger Ninja Ergotec Squeegee Complete

Unger Ninja Ergotec Window Cleaning Squeegee Complete with Ninja Handle, Ninja Channel, Ninja Clips and Professional soft rubber.

The award-winning ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee from Unger has been updated with a host of great features, offering numerous benefits to the professional window cleaner.

New! Now available in 30° or 40° head angle version to suit your personal preference or specific cleaning job.
180 swivel control with adjustable tension - perfect for pole work.

New Innovative locking mechanism to secure the swivel head in centre position.
New! Enhanced SmartClips end clip design, now with an audible "Click in Place" feature and visual coloured indicator showing when the clip is open.
TriLoc Channel Locking mechanism prevents the channel from accidental falling out - ideal for working at height.
Lightweight ergonomic handle designed to perfectly fit the human hand.
Non slip rubber handle texture ensures excellent grip and comfortable continuous hold.
Textured thumb area for greater control.
Firmly locks on ErgoTec® Locking Cone via release button for secure fit to poles.


30cm / 12 inch
35cm / 14 inch
45cm / 18 inch


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